Resource Auction, headed by Dennis Biliske, is headquartered in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Countless experiences handling other peoples ' assets during times of transition have taught us volumes and have earned us respect from numerous industry peers and organizations along with building a large portfolio of satisfied sellers and buyers.

We specialize in converting your agricultural land, farm, construction, or commercial assets to working or bankable capital. Whether you have land or equipment to sell, you'll have our promise of commitment and attention to detail. Wide area promotions, solid equipment and land knowledge coupled with our ability to bring seller and buyer together, makes our group your auction or land sale solution. Contact us, as we have a plan tailor made for you.

Ask us about our Record Setting multi-parcel land auctions!!!

We utilize the latest auction equipment available, including new trucks, trailers and modern computer generated clerking for easy to read, professional looking settlements & sales documentation. Decades of knowledge, steady innovation and the ability to deliver top results have been the benchmarks of our success in the auction industry. We have been pioneers in many of today's top auction marketing and sales strategies including simulcast online bidding, multi-parcel land sales and large volume equipment consignment events.

In addition to holding three regularly scheduled large scale equipment & truck auctions indoors at the Grand Forks Alerus Center annually, we will readily conduct an equipment auction at your location. Land sales are conducted in an environment conducive to each individual situation, whether it be an auction, conventional listing, or a bid sale.

Upcoming Auctions

There are no upcoming auctions at this time.