We have the available staff, assets and experience to make any equipment or land sale option viable. Ask us about our Record Setting multi-parcel land auctions!!!

These individuals in addition to numerous qualified auction day and advance employees, staff and business associates that help acquire auction items, set up, line up, market and promote auctions; in addition to clerks, cashiers and auction settlement personnel comprise a quantity of qualified available staff that have the experience and know how to make any auction a success.

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Dennis Biliske has over 35 years of dedication as an auctioneer and has been involved in over 2,000 auctions in five different countries, numerous U.S. states and Canadian Provinces. This coupled with retail and wholesale equipment sales and valuation experience with some of North America’s equipment giants ensures marketing strength and business savvy to you as a seller, while delivering the best product and land knowledge possible to buyers.

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Mark Jones has worked in the equipment business since 1975. He has worked with both agricultural and construction equipment manufacturers, dealers and customers. He has lived and worked in the Red River Valley since 1996 and has experience working with dealers in the surrounding 7 state area.

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Andrew is a graduate of Continental Auction School in Northwood, Iowa and been working with Resource Auction since February of 2017. His background in farming and diesel mechanics makes him a knowledgeable team member. Andrew has also developed an excellent auction chant and was Minnesota’s Rookie Auction Champion in 2018, Reserve Champion in 2019; North Dakota’s Reserve Champion in 2018 and Auctioneer Champion in 2019!!

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Shane has been a long term team member starting in 2010. His role in auction set-up ensures your auction is properly and efficiently put together. Shane plays many roles in the company often filling in as cashier and equipment operator. His background in welding, farming and racing, together with his ten years onboard, make him a knowledgeable and valuable team member willing and able to put in the time and miles to ensure your auction is ready to go.

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George has been a steady part of our auction family and has been around auctions for many years. His current role is online auction clerk and auction day IT advisor. He delivers the auction truck and cashier trailer to our auctions throughout the upper Midwest and has gained auction knowledge through his hard earned hands on study of the industry. Flags, signs, computers, truck and trailer in place and ready for your auction are George’s wheelhouse.

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Sue Biliske has been involved with all aspects of auctions and the inner workings of them since 1998. Her work ethic and experience in marketing, administration, clerking and cashiering some of the largest multi-seller auctions held in the region, in addition to being involved in numerous equipment appraisals and land sales is an integral part of our success. Dennis and Sue are also active in their farming operation in northeastern North Dakota raising corn, soybeans, small grains, & livestock.

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Doug is a graduate of Continental Auction School and has been involved with auctions since he was a very young man. He is a capable & steady auctioneer and an excellent ring man. His hard earned auction savvy, energetic attitude and work ethic with every aspect of each auction from start to finish, make him a very important team member.

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Tom has been an integral member of our team since 2014. His role as set-up foreman ensures your auction is prepared in the most conducive way to return the best results for you. He has an eye for detail and makes sure every last stone is turned before leaving the site. Tom’s background in farming, mechanics, racing and sales make him a strong and valuable team member willing and able to travel long distances at the drop of a hat to get it done.

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Jake grew up in the auction business, but has embraced it since he attended the World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa. Electing not to grab the mic, he has clocked hundreds of hours of auction set up, equipment cleaning and line up, as well as being the photographer for the online portion of all of the auctions, taking thousands of photos in any given week. He also handles social media for the company and often doubles as an auction clerk.

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Dennis owns his own auction company in Jamestown, ND but has been an integral part of our team since 2012. He assists us with nearly every auction and has an incredible sense of detail. His knowledge of tools and firearms is extensive and his ability to organize is second to none. He is a very effective ring man and will ensure success to your auction either by completing the final round up or spending hours sorting and displaying your valuable tools and assets.